Georgia Velivasaki was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete, with roots from the Lasithi Plateau (Crete) as well as from Asia Minor. In her greater family one could always find musicians and traditional Cretan song writers to whom she owes her influences in music and her unique personal style as a singer. She is a recorded artist and lyricist as well as a published poet and author.

Since 2013 she collaborates with the Argentinean maestro of Tango Nuevo, Luis Borda in live concerts in Greece and Europe. In November 2015 Luis Borda and Georgia Velivasaki presented their first recording work cd “Aleli – De Creta a Buenos Aires”.

Her long standing cooperation with composer and stage director Constantine Athirides brings her once more in the studio, but also on stage, with a leading role in “Alexander The Great. Rock Opera” produced by the National Theatre of Northern Greece (2014-2015).

In 2017-2018 she wrote, presented and performed her original play “Κοντσέρτο για μία ημέρα που πέρασε (A Concert for a Day Bygone)” directed by Constantine Athirides (Theatre Amalia, Theatre T, Thessaloniki).

You may catch one of her live performances with Andreas Ziakas (guitar) and Lefteris Andriotis (Cretan lyra) throughout Greece in which she delivers a wide variety of Greek and Mediterranean repertoire.

Studies: Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing (University of West Macedonia). European Civilization (Open University of Greece Department of European Studies). Acting seminars at the “A4M” Centre of Performing Arts. Physical theatre, story telling and acting seminars at the “Theatre of Changes”. Classical singing lessons with Despina Katsari and modern singing with Julie Massino.

Recordings: Στου Νότου τις Φωτιές (1996), Κράτα Γερά (1998), Sexual Instinct (2003), Σύννεφα (Clouds) (2004), Σε τόνο μπλε méditerrané (2006), Βραδινό Δελτίο (2008), Gaia-Action St (2009), Το Μικρό Μυστικό της Ζωής (2011), Aleli-De Creta a Buenos Aires (2015)

Participations: Νύχτα μου (1994), Χοροί της Νύχτας (1995), Για μια Γυναίκα κι ένα Αυτοκίνητο (ΑΝΤ1 TV-2001), Το Κάλεσμα της Ανοιξης (2001), Μυστικός Δείπνος (2002), Epilia (2008), Κατερίνα Γώγου/Πάνω Κάτω η Πατησίων (2012), Alexander Rock Opera (2012), Γιάννενα του Στοχασμού και των Θρύλων (2013), Alexander the Great. Rock Opera (2014/2015), Εν ονόματι του χρόνου (2015), Fm100 – Τριάντα χρόνια μαζί (2018).

Written Works: Το Μικρό Μυστικό της Ζωής (2010), Alexander Rock Opera (free literary translation of fist edition – 2012), Alexander the Great. Rock Opera (translation & subtitles – 2014). Her poetry has been included in the volume Σύγχρονοι Έλληνες Λογοτέχνες/Contemporary Greek Writers (2008) and in the literary magazines Πνευματική Ζωή/Spiritual Life (2009/2011) and Φρέαρ/Frear (2014), in the volume Οδός Δημιουργικής Γραφής – Ποίηση (εκδ. Γραφομηχανή, 2017). Seven of her short stories have been included in the anthology Οδός Δημιουργικής Γραφής – Διαδρομή(εκδ. Γραφομηχανή, 2017). In December 2017 she has been awarded by the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece and Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for her one-act play “Τελευταία φορά” (The last time). Her last work Κοντσέρτο για μία ημέρα που πέρασε (A concert for a day by gone) was published in March 2018 (εκδ. Γραφομηχανή).

Performances and Concerts: Panmediterranes Konzert (Orf Radio Culturhaus Vienna (2006), Το Μικρό Μυστικό της Ζωής (Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 2011), Alexander Rock Opera, (Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Moni Lazariston, 2012), From Crete to Buenos Aires, (Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Moni Lazariston, 2013/2014), Let’s Sing Again, (Auditorium Jacob Salik de’ Espace Yitzhak Rabin Theatre Brussels, 2014), Dorian Gray, (Vergina Theatre, 2014), Alexander the Great Rock Opera (Royal Theatre of Thessaloniki, Athens Concert Hall – National Theatre of Northern Greece, 2014/2015), Κοντσέρτο για Μία Μέρα που Πέρασε (Theatre Eilissos/2016, Theatre Amalia/2017, Theater T/2018), Τελευταία φορά (Municipal Theatre Melina Merkouri/2019, Vassiliko Theatre of Thessaloniki/2019).

Worked on Stage with: Manolis Mitsias, Sotiria Leonardou, Christos Nikolopoulos, Helias Klonaridis, Dimitris Mitropanos, Pandelis Thalassinos, Giorgos Kazantzis, Giorgos Zikas, Dimitris Efstathiou & Thodoris Polikandriotis (rembetes), Mikis Theodorakis’ Popular Orchestra, Thodoris Papadopoulos, Nikos Pipinellis, Aris Zarakas, David Garcia, Miguel Leonardo Garcia Perez, Omar Gil Segovia, Constantine Athirides, Phighi Likoudi, Luis Borda etc.