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«Luis Borda schließlich, aus der nächsten Generation und der wichtigste Gitarrist unter den Tango Nuevo-Komponisten, lebt, wenn auch aus weniger dramatischen Gründen, seit den Neunzigerjahren in Deutschland. […] Aus einer weiteren außergewöhnlichen Kombination, der Zusammenarbeit mit der kretischen Sängerin Georgia Velivasaki, ist eines seiner zwingendsten Projekte entstanden: Das soeben beim Enja yellowbird erschienene Album “Aleli – de Creata a Buenos Aires”».

(Suddeutsche Zeitung /Munich  5/11/2015)


«Cd “Aleli – De Creta a Buenos Aires” is a crystal clear artistic creation. Music which touches our hearts while overcomes all boarders».

(Γιώργος Χαρωνίτης – Αθηνόραμα/Αθήνα, 13/11/2015)–_georgia_velivasaki_aleli-2510337.html


«The charming and restless singer Georgia Velivasaki cooperates with Luis Borda, one of the greatest maestros of Tango Nuevo».

(Γιώργος Βουδικλάρης – Popaganda/Αθήνα, 25/11/2015)


«Cd “Aleli – De Creta a Buenos Aires” opens a window of beauty and optimism».

(Γιάννης Αλεξίου – Ήχος/Αθήνα, Δεκέμβριος 2015)


One should be careful when characterizing as cliché the meaning of ”suffering” as a source of artistic creation. Often, the best music is inspired by feelings such as alienation or longing of the homeland. This is definitely the case for Tango Nuevo. Indeed, its inventor, Astor Piazzolla, the son of Italian immigrants, grew up in the USA. Eventually, Luis Borda, the most important guitarist and composer of the next generation of Tango Nuevo, lives in Germany since the late 90s, although for less dramatic reasons.

Luis Borda always sought his own original music contribution through his encounters with musicians from all over the world. Such extraordinary combination is indeed his cooperation with Greek singer and published poet and writer, Georgia Velivasaki from Crete, which resulted to the album ”Aleli – De Creta a Buenos Aires”, one of his most convincing projects. The guitar’s masterful lines combined with the enormous vocal power, achieve to electrify and seduce the audience, without trying to be merely joyful or simply ”entertaining”. The title ”Aleli” is the name of one of the ”disappeared” people during the military dictatorship of Argentina. The album begins with “Vergüenza,” a dramatic lament inspired by the events of Lampedusa. In ”Pastora”, Luis Borda tells the story of the Jewish Sephardites who in 1492 were displaced from Spain to Northern Greece which resulted to a cultural explosion, until their extermination during the Second World War.

As far as the music is concerned, the Argentine-Cretan-French-German orchestra of the album “Aleli – De Creta Buenos Aires” successfully brings together a variety of different musical timbres and orchestration patterns. It is a musical confrontation with the refuge drama, devastation and the quest for lost motherlands. Nothing ever sounds pompous owing to singer Georgia Velivasaki’s expressive, soulful and sincere performance. She is deeply moving, as she combines Spanish and Greek in a uniquely natural way, as if the two languages were always meant to coexist. Whoever listens her voice in “Aleli”, truly feels the crescendo of suffering and joy. You ought to hear it live…

(“ALELI: Suffering and joy”, Oliver Hochkeppel / Süddeutsche Zeitung/kultur/hoerenswert – 2015)