Vergüenza! (Shame!)

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“Some people decide where to go, where to settle, where to start a new life. Others where already there, they had no say in it, they are in a certain place only by pure chance.” A reflexion on the drama of migration and refugees. Inspired by the tragedy of Lampedusa and the words of Pope Francis: “Vergogna!” (Shame!), he cried out to the world.

Luis Borda


“Vergüenza!” is a song about the drama of refugees and migration which, as the years pass, grows bigger and bigger, like a huge wave of sorrow, fear and anger that crashes on the Mediterranean costs, seeking for shreds of love and compassion, hoping for a better world. It aims to raise awareness and awaken our empathy, which is not only a moral necessity, but, in the end, is the only sign of our humanity.

Georgia Velivasaki

The song:


SHAME! (lyrics: Luis Borda)

From the sea they come wearing their anger and pain,

exchanging salt for a taste of love

An illusion extinguishes the fear,

hidden in their eyes

In this night of terror


They come from the sea with their own language and colour

Leaving behind all those denied to them by this very day

A promise that lightens

a better world,

in the freezing cold


Go to sleep my little baby, drink a little more.

Go to sleep and we will soon see the shore.

Go to sleep in my arms, arms of love and thirst

and in your dreams a world of fruits and honey



Walls of ignorance

that some hollow voices

want to justify



needless words,

as if they knew,

they want to justify


The desired shore will never be reached,

The turbulent see swallows the illusion

They are lost souls in the quest for love

Sacrificed in the wall of incomprehension.

(English translation: Vanessa Barre’)


VERGÜENZA! (letras: Luis Borda)

Vienen por mar con su furia y dolor,

cambian la sal por un poco de amor.

Una ilusiσn borra el miedo,

que ocultan sus ojos

la noche de horror.


Vienen por mar con su lengua y color,

dejan atrás lo que el hoy les negó.

Una promesa que alumbre,

en el frío helado,

un mundo mejor.


Duérmete mi niño, bebe un poco mαs.

duerme que la orilla, ya esta por llegar.

Duérmete en mis brazos, de amor y de sed,

suen(i)a con un mundo de frutas y de miel.



muros de ignorancia.

que unas voces huecas,

quieren explicar.



sobran las palabras,

como si supieran

quieren explicar.


La orilla deseada nunca llegarα,

el mar turbulento trago la ilusión,

Son almas perdidas en busca de amor,

que han dado en el muro de la incomprensión.